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Here, you have the freedom to choose your perfect smile.

We provide a wide range of services so you can enjoy the smile of your dreams.

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The Albodent team will help you smile freely

Patients from our clinic share their experiences of treatment. We invite you to take a look!Kviečiame susipažinti!

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We’re here to assist you in transforming your smile.

ALBODENT” Clinic – Where Trust Delivers Results.

The “ALBODENT” clinic was established driven by a profound professional passion, determination, and the skill to apply scientific innovation in daily practice. Present-day patients hold significantly elevated standards: merely possessing healthy teeth is insufficient. Our desire extends to having healthy teeth that seamlessly integrate aesthetically into our smiles, fostering self-assurance and prosperity.

And we can provide just that. While dental fillings were once conspicuous lumps of hardened material, advancements in technology now allow fillings to seamlessly restore the natural contours of your teeth. With our modern techniques, you can smile confidently, and no one will even realize you’ve recently visited the dentist!” remarked Justinas Gaidys, a dentist at ALBODENT Clinic.


  • Modern and always professional solutions.
  • Focused professional growth.
  • Respect for every patient.


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Our services

At Albodent, we offer a comprehensive array of dental services aimed at delivering the most effective treatments available.

How much does it cost?

To get an estimate of the cost of various services, please use the “Calculator”.

/ Dental implants

One of the most advanced methods of restoring a smile when a patient has lost one, several or all of their teeth. The implant, which is threaded into the jawbone, replaces the root of the tooth. Titanium causes the fewest allergic reactions in the human body and is therefore roots well.

/ Dental veneers

Clear and ultra-thin plates are used to cover the outer surfaces of the teeth. This aesthetic prosthetic method allows you to restore teeth that are worn, worn down or discoloured.

/ Aesthetic dental restorations

A dental procedure that ensures the aesthetics of the smile: restoring the colour and shape of the teeth, helping to reduce the gaps between teeth. This treatment method strengthens the teeth, making them more resistant to cavities.

Our happy patients

Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers, who can once again smile freely and confidently.

By using innovative technologies and solutions that deliver the best results, we strive to ensure that patients leave our clinic not only healthy, but also with a beautiful smile!

Albodent Clinic – when trust creates results

We appreciate every patient who decides to entrust their smile to us! Trust builds dialogue and ensures the best possible outcome.

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