3D computed tomography

A modern and patient-safe diagnostic method that allows us to accurately plan even the most complex dental treatments.

3D computed tomography is one of the most accurate and sophisticated methods of radiological diagnosis. This method allows a much closer look at the internal structures of the body, provides the doctor with a tremendous amount of information about the patient, and is an ideal tool for planning even the most complex dental treatment.

Precision-accurate and sharp computer tomography scans are needed when:

Apie kliniką

3D Computer tomography is an indispensable imaging technique for dental implant treatment, as it allows us to assess the oral tissues in the areas where the implants will be threaded and to accurately predict the position of the implants in the bone. This test is a mandatory prerequisite for safe, precise and professional implant and prosthetic dentistry.

ALBODENT uses the innovative Hyperion X5 computer tomography scanner, which is characterised by its modern design and versatility: the device’s integrated 2D Focus-Free 3D MultiFOV systems make the doctor’s job easier, ensuring speed, clarity and accurate results with just one click. We use only advanced, safe and reliable equipment, which guarantees maximum patient comfort and the highest level of treatment.

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3D computer tomography scan prices

Computed tomography scan (3D), one jaw
50 €
Computed tomography scan (3D), both jaws
70 €
3D Shape digital working print
50 €
3D diagnostic model
50 €

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