Teeth whitening

Special materials are used to restore the desired tooth colour, creating a stunning and long-lasting result.

Teeth whitening is a completely safe and minimally invasive dental procedure that lightens the colour of teeth tissues. Yellowed, darkened and teeth with other defects are given a radiant look and aesthetic beauty. The fast and effective results will give you back your ability to smile wide and forget all your complexes. The materials used not only provide aesthetics looks but also strengthen tooth enamel.

What is the procedure for teeth whitening?


During the examination, the specialist assesses the patient’s overall oral health and current situation.


If you have damaged teeth, soft or hard plaque, you need to have them treated and then have professional oral hygiene performed.


Once the procedure has started, the teeth are coated with a special whitening gel that is activated by the “Beyond Polus Power Whitening” lamp. The cold blue rays activate the oxygen in the tooth, penetrating the enamel and dentin to reach the deep pigments.

What is important to know after the procedure?

After the procedure, you may experience increased sensitivity of the teeth and gums, but these symptoms are temporary and subside after a few days. The most important thing is to follow your doctor’s recommendations and avoid staining foods and drinks such as wine, coffee, beetroot, blueberries, etc. for the next 24 hours.

The longevity of the result depends on the individual patient: the more effort you put in, the longer you will enjoy a radiant smile. In addition, it is recommended to visit a professional for oral hygiene at least 2 times a year and to take care of a healthy diet.

Teeth whitening prices

Professional oral hygiene
75 €
Repeated professional oral hygiene procedure
60 €
Deep oral hygiene
95 €
Curettage (one jaw)
150 €
Treatment of fluorosis affected teeth with the ICON system (1 day)
100 €
Teeth whitening at the clinic (both jaws)
250 €
Teeth whitening with hygiene (whitening 20 min.)
130 €
Fluoride varnish application (all teeth)
50 €

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