Tooth removal

If you require the extraction of a damaged permanent tooth or an irregularly shaped wisdom tooth, we perform the procedure quickly, atraumatically, and painlessly.

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Tooth removal or extraction is a complex surgical procedure. The later the teeth develop, the higher the difficulty, i.e. milk teeth are the easiest to remove, while wisdom teeth are the most difficult.

The procedure is painless for the patient, as local anaesthesia is used to remove single or multiple teeth, while the outpatient healing process is more painful, depending on the individual situation, but it can take anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks for the wound to heal fully.

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When and why?

Tooth trauma

/Tooth trauma

No one is immune from an unexpected tooth injury – sometimes all it takes is one careless movement during sports or other active activities. Dental injuries can range in severity from mild, when only a small part of the tooth is knocked out, to very severe, such as a deep decay or knocked-out tooth. If the doctor’s assessment of the injury shows that the damaged tooth cannot be healed, you will have to say farewell to the tooth and have it removed.

Advanced caries

/Advanced caries

To save a decayed tooth, therapeutic treatment or root canal treatment is used, depending on the level of damage. However, sometimes the caries (decay) damage is so severe that it is simply not possible to restore the tooth tissue with a filling. If your tooth has suffered the same fate, it should be removed as soon as possible to prevent caries from causing complications and spreading to healthy nearby teeth.

Irregularly erupting wisdom tooth

/Irregularly erupting wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth are the latest to start erupting, so in many cases they simply run out of room in the jaw. This can cause the wisdom teeth to protrude laterally, bump into other teeth, push against and damage previously erupted teeth. If this happens, they need to be removed to avoid complications. The extraction of each wisdom tooth is individual, as these teeth can have between 1 and 5 or more roots and can be in a variety of positions.

Straightening of a retinated tooth

/Straightening of a retinated tooth

Retained teeth are teeth that are fully or incompletely formed but have not erupted for some reason. These are usually canine or wisdom teeth. Undeveloped teeth located under the gums can eventually lead to pain, infections, cysts or even serious complications. Partially retinated (only partially uncovered) teeth should also be removed. Remember, the earlier you get in touch, the fewer complications there are.

Teeth removal prices

Baby teeth removal
50 €
Permanent tooth removal (simple)
60 €
Permanent tooth removal (complicated)
100 €
Wisdom tooth removal (simple)
100 €
Wisdom tooth removal (complicated)
120 €
Retained tooth removal (simple)
150 €
Retained tooth removal (complicated)
180 €

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