Dental examinations and consultations

We consistently deliver comprehensive consultations and conduct essential examinations to present optimal treatment solutions.

Therapist consultation
20 €
Endodontist consultation
30 €
Prosthesis doctor’s consultation
30 €
Implanting doctor’s consultation
30 €
Repeated consultation
0 €
Creating a treatment plan
100 €
Dental X-ray
10 €
Panoramic dental X-ray
30 €
Computed tomography scan (3D), one jaw
50 €
Computed tomography scan (3D), both jaws
70 €
Silicone working impression
50 €
3D Shape digital working print
50 €
3D diagnostic model
50 €
10 €
Pack of disposable measures
10 €

You can pay for dental services at the “Albodent” clinic under favourable inbank terms. Find out more HERE.

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