Endodontic treatment

We use a dental microscope for performing root canal treatments and re-treatments, ensuring precise and permanent removal of the focal infection.

A damaged tooth nerve is signalling our body by severe tooth pain and sensitivity. In this case, you need to visit a dentist urgently for endodontic treatment. The aim of endodontic treatment is to destroy micro-organisms in the root canal system and protect the tooth from infection. During treatment, the canal is cleaned and sealed using high-quality materials.

Course of treatment


Root canal treatment (endodontics) is a complex process that requires experience and professionalism on the part of the doctor. First, the damaged tooth nerve (pulp) is removed, then the canal is treated with special instruments and chemicals and afterwards it is sealed. Endodontic treatment prevents the spread of micro-organisms inside and outside the tooth. Endodontic treatment usually involves the use of a microscope and X-rays. The microscope improves visibility (magnifying and illuminating the image) and ensures faster, more accurate treatment.



Dental root canal treatment


In some cases, canal treatment can be unsuccessful. Micro-organisms sometimes survive in the canal due to poor cleaning, sealing or in cases of treatment-resistant bacteria. In this case, canal re-treatment is required. Canal re-treatment involves removing the old canal filling material, re-working the canal mechanically, introducing an antimicrobial agent and resealing the canal. In more complicated cases, surgical treatment may be necessary, such as root apex resection. During this procedure, the root apex and surrounding abnormal tissues are removed.

To avoid long, complicated treatment and various complications, you should visit your dentist regularly for preventive care. This will help you spot the problem in time and solve it.


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Endodontic treatment prices

Single canal treatment (service performed with microscope)
160 €
Two canals treatment (service performed with microscope)
300 €
Three canals treatment (service performed with microscope)
450 €
Four canals treatment (service performed with microscope)
500 €
Single canal re-treatment (service performed with microscope)
220 €
Two canals re-treatment (service performed with microscope)
400 €
Three canals re-treatment (service performed with microscope)
600 €
Four canals re-treatment (service performed with microscope)
700 €
Use of MTA
90 €
Removal of the plug during canal re-treatment, passage of a calcified canal (service performed with microscope)
100 €

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