Aesthetic prosthetics

For maximum smile aesthetics, microprosthetic veneers can be used to create a long-lasting and very natural-looking result.

Apie kliniką

Microprosthetics, unlike dentures, is performed on the hard tissues of the tooth. It is a minimally invasive method of prosthetic restoration, which only restores the lost hard tissues of the tooth (no additional grinding is required to place the prosthetic structure).

In microprosthetic restorations, ceramic veneers are used when restoring front teeth (the tooth can be completely unground, i.e. all existing or preserved tooth tissue remains intact).

If microprosthetic restoration is chosen in the molar area, the restoration is performed with insertion pads. This method is chosen for a more reliable and durable restoration (compared to conventional restorations) or in cases where most of the chewing surface of the tooth is lost.

Microprosthetics can be used to shape, modify, restore the colour of single or multipler teeth, correct the shape, correct the size of the interdental space and more.


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Prices for aesthetic prosthetics

Pressed/milled laminate (painted)
550 €
Pressed/milled laminate with ceramic finish
650 €
Glass ceramic laminate, layered
800 €
Glass ceramic laminate in the aesthetic zone (single)
950 €

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