Digital prosthetics

With modern technology, we can plan a prosthetic dental procedure more quickly, accurately and without discomfort.

What is digital prosthetics?


These days, digital technology facilitates many dental procedures. Tooth prosthesis is no exception. Digital prosthetics opens up a wider range of possibilities for conventional prosthetics – it is a comfortable, shorter and reliable method of restoring teeth, allowing the production of highly precise, aesthetic and durable ceramic restorations – veneers, crowns, porcelain laminates, etc.


The digital prosthetics process


The digital prosthetics equipment consists of a 3D laser scanner, a design and a fabrication part, and the procedure consists of three steps: examining the patient’s oral cavity, digitally recreating the anatomy of the teeth and fabricating the restorations. First, the teeth are scanned with an intraoral scanner. Once a three-dimensional image of the patient’s mouth has been obtained, the shape of the teeth to be restored is modelled in the dental laboratory. A computer programme is used to recreate the anatomy of the teeth, and the digital three-dimensional image of the teeth is then used as the workpiece for the metal-free ceramic. Finally, the layering of the inlays is used to restore the tooth’s natural structure, shape and function.

Advantages of digital prosthetics

Apie kliniką

3Shape scanner

Complicated dental impression taking using spoon impressions is rapidly being replaced by digital oral scans. For digital prosthetics, Albodent uses the unparalleled 3Shape three-dimensional scanner, which is extremely comfortable and does not cause the patient any discomfort or nausea. The display immediately shows a high-quality three-dimensional image of the teeth, which the doctor can discuss with the patient.


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3D intraoral scanner


3D intraoral scanner – advantages


Digital methodology


3D dental impression

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