Digital smile design

Digital treatment planning - the ability to see and evaluate your future smile on a computer screen before any treatment.

Apie kliniką

Digital photography can be used to perform digital facial analysis. When applied in the dental practice, your smile can be planned on a computer screen and displayed live in your mouth, even before any oral treatments are started.

With the increasing use of smart technology in modern dentistry, treatment planning can be transferred to a computer. One such example of innovative dentistry is digital smile design. This is a technique that can be used before aesthetic restorations, dentures or other restorative procedures. In this way, the treatment is not started in the dentist’s chair, but on a computer, where an image of the future smile is designed.

A smile should fit in with a person’s unique features and blend harmoniously into the whole. Each individual case is analysed in detail in order to create the most suitable smile design for the patient.

Digital smile design has the following advantages:

Want the smile of your dreams? Digital smile design is an innovative way to plan a smooth treatment and to be part of the process of creating your future ideal smile.

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Digital smile design


Digital smile design


Digital smile design (scan)

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