Invisible dental straightening caps

Invisible dental straightening caps are a treatment designed for the modern man!

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Teeth straightening with aligners

Straight and regular teeth are a symbol of beauty, but many people find that crooked, close-by teeth or teeth that are too far apart take away their desire to smile. Although there are many different types of braces to choose from when it comes to finally having straight teeth, some patients find this method of orthodontic treatment unappealing: the unattractive appearance of the braces, the long treatment time, the difficult maintenance and other disadvantages.

For those who want to avoid discomfort and avoid the stares of others, modern dentistry has made a breakthrough in invisible dental straightening aligners, which not only make your smile appear regular faster, but also more discreetly.

ALBODENT specialists offer to create an ideal and harmonious smile with the help of Ordoline aligners, a popular treatment worldwide. It is an innovative treatment method based on modern technology, which is superior to conventional teeth straightening methods in many ways.

If you choose Ordoline aligners, your dentist will first take impressions of your teeth and send them to the dental technician’s laboratory, where they will be used to create a unique set of aligning caps tailored specifically to you. At your next visit, your doctor will give you this kit. All you have to do when you get home is to carry each aligner for two weeks in turn, in the order indicated. In this way, the orthodontic movement of teeth is obtained and the teeth are gradually pushed into position, until finally a satisfying result is achieved and you can enjoy a harmonious smile.

Advantages of Ordoline aligners for straightening teeth:

  • The aligners are transparent and extremely thin, so no one will suspect that your teeth are being straightened. This is particularly relevant for people who, due to the nature of their work, are particularly concerned about their image, or for those who simply cannot imagine themselves wearing traditional braces;
  • Straightening your teeth in this way does not interfere with speech and does not cause lisping;
  • The material used to make the aligners does not cause allergic reactions and does not irritate the gums;
  • The aligners are robust and wear-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking;
  • If necessary, you can remove the straightening aligner for a while. This will not impair the outcome of the treatment in any way;
  • It is very easy to take proper mouthcare: just brush after every meal and do not use whitening or abrasive toothpastes;
  • Straightening your teeth with this method requires much fewer visits to the dentist for check-ups – one visit every 2 to 3 months is enough;
  • Unlike traditional braces, invisible aligner caps do not require you to change your habits: you can continue to play active sports, enjoy all kinds of food and just live your life at your regular pace.


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Prices for invisible straightening aligners

EASY straightening aligners (both jaws)
2390 €
LIGHT/MEDIUM straightening aligners (both jaws)
3190 €
COMPLEX straightening aligners (both jaws)
3590 €
30 €
Orthodontic examination
150 €
Preparation of a treatment plan (visualisation)
300 €

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