Painless dental implantation

An incision-free and pain-free procedure, balanced for patients who are extremely fearful of dental procedures.

Incisionless implantation – innovative tooth restoration


Losing your teeth in this day and age is certainly not that troublesome. When you lose one, several or even all of your teeth, you need implants, one of the most advanced methods of restoring teeth. But our aim is not just to give you back what you have lost: we want to do it without causing you discomfort, incisions and complicated preparation. Introducing pain-free dental implants: the most direct route to advanced restoration without discomfort!

What makes painless dental implants special is that they are very precisely planned in 3D space and are carried out without complicated preparation: no bone grafting procedure is required, but the results are just as satisfying.

Last but not least, this implantation is performed without an incision: special surgical guides, individually designed for each patient, are used to restore the teeth. This is a special cap, which allows the doctor’s drill to be pointed at a precise angle directly into the bone. This protects the gums and other oral tissues from damage.


We make sure that during the procedure:

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Implantation options for painless implantation

Restoration of one tooth:

  • Immediate implantation – after digitally planning the implantation, a tooth is removed and an implant is threaded through the surgical guide to attach a temporary crown on top.
  • Delayed implantation – if immediate implantation is not possible (e.g. a tooth that has been severely damaged by infection or inflammation and has been removed), the implant is threaded through the surgical guide after the wound has healed.


Restoration of multiple teeth:

  • 2 implants for multiple teeth – if 3-4 adjacent teeth are lost, they can be restored with just 2 implants and a dental crown bridge.


Restoration of all teeth:

  • 4 implants for all teeth – the most popular method to restore all the lost teeth in jaw 1. After only 4 implants have been threaded in, a fixed prosthesis is attached.
  • 6-8-10 implants for all teeth – we can thread 6, 8, 10 or more implants for an even more stable fixation and perfect restoration of chewing function. Teeth are restored with dental crown connections.
  • The 2-implant restoration – is a cost-effective method of restoring teeth: 2 implant-locators are threaded into the jawbone, on which the removable prosthesis is then fixed.

Painless or conventional implantation?

Painless implantation

/Painless implantation

Performed without an incision
No special preparation required
Maximum accuracy
Healing time is reduced by 50-80%.
Precision tooth replacement after the implant has healed

Conventional implantation

/Conventional implantation

Requires an incision in the gum area
Bone augmentation is often necessary
Reduced accuracy
Healing takes longer
Tooth prosthesis may be less accurate

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If you too dream of a very quick and easy restoration without fear, choose a painless dental implant at Albodent. We guarantee maximum precision, comfort and best results!

You can pay for dental services at the “Albodent” clinic under favourable terms. Find out more HERE.


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How to overcome fear? Painless dental implantation through the eyes of a patient


Sometimes the only obstacle to smiling more widely is the fear of sitting in the dentist’s chair. This patient chose Albodent dental clinic for the restoration of two teeth on implants because we use the painless dental implantation method. The patient says that it was not only the benefits of this treatment method that helped her feel calm and confident, but also the doctor’s indiscriminate care.

Painless dental implantation prices

Tooth implantation with a Neodent implant
590 €
Tooth implantation with a Straumann SLA implant
700 €
Tooth implantation with a Straumann SLActive implant
850 €
Tooth implantation with a BLX SLAactive implant
850 €
Tooth implantation with a Straumann Pure Ceramic implant
950 €
Surgical guide for 1-3 implants
150 €
Surgical guide for 4 or more implants
200 €
Healing head on implant
70 €
Multiunit support (Neodent)
105 €
Multiunit support (Straumann)
150 €
Sinus floor elevation
600 – 1200 €
Directional bone regeneration (small defect)
350 €
Directional bone regeneration (moderate defect)
600 €
Directional bone regeneration (large defect)
1200 €
Bone filling after tooth removal
180 €
Toothless jaw on 4 implants with temporary teeth (Neodent system)
4200 €
Toothless jaw on 6 implants with temporary teeth (Neodent system)
4500 €
Toothless jaw on 4 implants with temporary teeth (Straumann SLA system)
4900 €
Toothless jaw on 6 implants with temporary teeth (Straumann SLA system)
5900 €

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