To restore damaged or lost teeth and their function, prosthetics are carried out using a variety of individually selected methods.

Apie kliniką

Prostheses can be used to restore lost teeth (decayed due to disease, anatomically non-grown, etc.) and rows of teeth, or sometimes all the teeth in both jaws. The main function of prostheses is to replace missing teeth and restore their function – the ability to bite and chew food, maintain a stable bite and retain smile aesthetics.

ALBODENT clinic provides prosthetic services with all types of dentures. During the consultation, the patient’s dental condition is examined in detail, possible prosthetic options are discussed, and a treatment plan is drawn up, taking into account each patient’s expectations and possibilities.


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The story of a happy smile


Prosthetic material – zirconia ceramic


Fixed prostheses


Dental prosthetics


PATIENT HISTORY | How did Ingrida Martinkėnaitė get her perfect smile back?

Teeth prosthesis prices

Zirconia ceramic crown CAD/CAM (side teeth area)
450 – 550 €
Zirconia ceramic crown CAD/CAM (aesthetic zone)
500 – 600 €
Zirconia framework layered crown in the aesthetic zone (single)
650 – 850 €
Zirconia ceramic crown CAD/CAM on an implant (side teeth area)
600 €
Zirconia ceramic crown CAD/CAM on an implant (aesthetic zone)
650 €
Zirconia framework layered crown on an implant (single)
750 – 850 €
Emax filler
450 €
Emax crown
500 €
Front ceramic layered Emax crown
550 – 650 €
Elastic arch support prosthesis
1200 – 1600 €
Acrylic dental plate
600 €
Elastic plaque for 1-2 teeth
650 €
Plate on locators (2 implants)
1300 €
Plate on locators (3 implants)
1500 €

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